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1000 Writing Prompts from the New York Times
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What's in a Digital Name?
  • What names have you been known by online? Any quirky email addresses from your youth? Is there a story behind the name? How have you changed since that name?
  • Create a quirky screen name. Have that name be significant in a short story.
Setting as a Character
  • “Remember in your story that setting is the other character. It is as important to your story as the people in it because it gives them context and can ideally be used to heighten drama and tension, depending on where it is.” -- Rob Parnell in 
  • The Easy Way to Write Short Stories that Sell.
Describe a scene around you, using the setting as a protagonist. Then, switch up and describe the same scene using the setting as an antagonist.
  • Write a vignette that uses the following:
 a smell that reminds you of something, a description of one inanimate item that is moving or being moved, a description of the setting you're in, an invented verb, a metaphor or simile, dialogue, or the word "burlap"

Location Inspiration
  • Does your current location remind you of anywhere that you've been before?  What specifically brings you back there? Write a memory that something in this place evokes.
  • If you were putting a photo of your current location online, what would the title of your photo be?  What might you crop out of the picture to represent that title best?

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