Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If it's good enough for the White House, it's..

good enough for the Red River Valley Writing Project. But what is this it?

The it is a social media presence, in other words, how a person, business or entity shows itself and communicates online. And the White House (no political endorsement here) has a stellar web presence, with accounts on My Space, Facebook, Twitter and more.

RRVWP's web presence is developing. There is, of course RRVWP's main page, a Ning only for those with close affiliation to this project,this blog, Twitter and a Facebook Fan Page, all live with content. Look for RRVWP's presence soon on both Flickr and Slideshare. There might even be a wiki waiting in the wings. (Links will be provided)

Why so many accounts? Why not just have a web page?

Different accounts provide different kinds of content to different audiences. Often, there is overlap and cross-pollination . A Twitter update (Tweet) might refer to something on the Facebook Fan Page. A blog post here might link to something on the homepage. Through what might seem highly self-referential, an diverse audience gets a chance to learn what's going on with RRVWP and that same audience can interact with RRVWP by commenting and/or sharing content. (Except with the homepage)

Through all this social media, a person, business or entity can communicate both history and news, and be (this word is becoming a cliche) transparent.

The best way to "get" all this is to jump in. Try to keep up with RRVWP's developing web presence; start building your own web presence.