Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Six Strands of Teacher Continuity

There have been a number of changes with RRVWP. One of the changes includes having a conceptual framework to use as we plan and engage in continuity activities. The strands below will help us contextualize and describe our work.

Think about what strand or strands might be interesting to you; then think about helping RRVWP develop a session, activity, etc. that fits within one or more of these strands.

Teacher as Practitioner
- This strand of continuity allow us as teachers to explore a variety of pedagogical strategies to help our students improve their writing and literacy skills.

Teacher as Reader/Researcher - Teachers who are committed to providing students with an excellent education continually question their practices and strive to improve their teaching. This strand of continuity intends that we dig deeper into what happens in learning situations through professional development.

Teacher as Writer - This strand of continuity encourages us to continue exploring our own skills as writers and provides us with dedicated time to work on our own writing. Teachers who requires students to write should write!

Teacher as Community Builder - Effective support for writing, teaching, and inquiry can only occur within relationships of trust. This strand of continuity seeks to develop community among ourselves as well as encourage us to develop communities of trust in our classrooms.

Teacher as Connected Learner (Technology) - This strand of continuity provides us with information about and practice with new technologies that can alter the way we and students interact with learning.

Teacher as Activist - As advocates of children and education, we include this strand of continuity which is about keeping ourselves informed about the latest educational issues in the political arena and current legislative proposals. It also encourages us to make our voices heard in the ongoing struggle to enact policies that best serve ALL our nation's children.