Monday, May 17, 2010


The morning began with Mom knocking the side-view mirror off the Subaru as she backed out of the garage. As she unloaded Adina and then re-loaded her into the Toyota, Adina asked, "but what if you knock the mirror off this car, too? Then we won't be able to drive anywhere!" Mom assured her that she would be more careful, and it was off to school.

Adina claimed both that she had a "perfect day" and that she woke up hard from nap crying for Mom and Dad. She also claimed that her friend Holden doesn't play with her anymore because "he only plays with Ezeri. He acts like she's his girlfriend or something." Mom doesn't know what constitutes acting like someone is your girlfriend when you're five, and decided that she would rather remain in the dark on this one.

At home it was a lovely summer night, with the requisite dining outside, lots of time spent in the hammock, and a late stroll down to Lori and Eric's house to invite them to a weekend cookout and for Adina to play a little spontaneous catch with Oliver and Eric while Mom and Dad chatted with Lori and Mingus stared fixedly at their cat, who was safe in the screened-in gazebo. Adina seemed to really enjoy playing catch and Oliver gave her his old glove to take with her. (Oliver is very serious about baseball.) So now Dad finds himself planning to go to Scheel's tomorrow to get a ball and a glove for himself so we can encourage whatever athletic genes she got from members of the family who are not us.