Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Subscribe and learn

Read Write Think provides teachers, particularly reading and writing teachers, with a wealth of information and teaching resources. One neat resource of theirs that I recently learned about through Doug Peterson is their flip book maker. Read Write Think's flip book maker provides a template for students to use to create and print a ten page flip book. (from Free Technology for Teachers)

Readers here will notice Free Technology for Teachers frequently mentioned. That's because it's consistently updated with amazing resources. Consider subscribing. Go to the site and look for "Subscribe It's Free" on the right side. You could also subscribe by email. (Look a bit farther down on the page for this)

To learn more about subscribing to a blog, read the following from the Connecticut Employment Law Blog. (not kidding) Click on the text to get to the blog post from which this comes.

First, you have to understand that blogs are basically a series of posts by a person or company on a particular subject. For a long time, people accessed blogs through actively going to their corresponding websites on the internet. But blogs also have a secondary location on the internet, called a “feed” or “subscription feed”. (Interestingly, these feeds typically end with a website suffix of “.xml”.)

These feeds are like having your own personal messenger. Instead of going to the website directly to read articles, you can have the blog take these posts and send them automatically to you via a product that “reads” these posts, much like an e-mail program reads incoming e-mail. This software is typically known as a reader.

Some blogs also allow you to subscribe the “old-fashioned” way by asking the blog to send new posts to a person’s e-mail address directly. Once you learn about feeds, however, you won’t want to use this option.