Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thinking about next summer?

Each summer, The Frost Place Conference on Poetry and Teaching brings together hard-working classroom teachers and highly skilled poet/teachers to share their experiences of how poetry is most effectively presented in the classroom — not as a fossilized system of literary tropes, but as a living art. (from The Frost Place website)

There are a number of summer conferences and workshops teachers can attend. And though it might seem odd to think about next summer with the new school year starting up, it's probably a good idea to consider possibilities, so one can plan....especially when that planning involves money.

The Frost Place Conference, according to The Frost Place website, offers suggestions for helping to fund the cost of the conference. Take a look at the hyperlinked text below.

Public school teachers are urged to inquire if their principals have Title 5 or Rural Education Program funds for professional development to disburse, which teachers have found can partially or fully cover tuition expenses for this conference. Past participants have also been awarded assistance from local Rotary Clubs and other local service organizations. Please let us know if you are seeking financial aid; we have some aid available through scholarships sponsored by the family and friends of longtime teacher Murray Alboher, by New Hampshire jeweler Designer Gold, by the family and friends of Anne L. Fitzpatrick.

And if this post has sparked your interest in attending a writing conference (other than something sponsored by the National Writing Project) take a look at the Shaw Guides Writers Conferences and Workshops. ShawGuides offers information about Learning Vacation and Creative Career Programs.