Monday, December 13, 2010

A terrific read on reading

Richard Allington's What Really Matters in Response to Intervention is a clear, insightful, maybe even inspiring, look at response to intervention. In this book, Allington focuses on reading interventions and thoughtfully chronicles not only what struggling readers need but also how schools can address those needs.

Most importantly, Allington argues (very effectively) that bought, packed curriculum don't help struggling readers catch up. Rather, struggling readers need to read books at the appropriate level all doing the school day to make significant gains in reading.

  • Provides a complete review of what is critical to accelerating the development of struggling readers.
  • Presents educators with a framework for how we might design response to intervention (RTI) programs such that struggling readers will develop their reading proficiencies to match those of their achieving peers.
  • Features a complete analysis of response to intervention design (RTI) and offers a detailed framework for evaluating existing and future intervention efforts.
  • Includes numerous websites that provide teacher-friendly information, strategies, and tools for accelerating reading development. (from Flipkart)