Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Take action ASAP

May 17, 2011: Representatives George Miller (D-CA) and Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) sent out a Dear Colleague letter in the House of Representatives today asking members to support increasing the Title II set-aside for national professional development programs, like the National Writing Project, to 5 percent.

We have only THREE DAYS to urge our representatives to sign the letter, so please get the word out to everyone. Ask them to email or call their representatives as soon as possible--no later than the end of the day on Thursday, May 19.

They should ask their representatives to sign on to the Miller–Van Hollen Dear Colleague letter that would make 5 percent of Title II money for teacher quality available for a competitive grant program for effective national programs like the National Writing Project.

Rapid response and volume of contacts are what matter here. Thank you for helping to get the word out about this opportunity to provide support for quality professional development for teachers in the FY 2012 budget.

Later on we will be in touch with more information and the list of signees. Please continue to share your questions and ideas with us at, and thank you for all you are doing to raise visibility for NWP.

The above comes directly from the NWP Works! Ning. To learn more, click here. And please take action!!