Thursday, June 23, 2011

Consider sending along your feedback

The Red River Valley Writing Project leadership team, teacher consultants and a number of area educational leaders will meet Monday June 27, 2011 to think about and talk about how RRVWP can best support area teachers in their efforts to help students become more literate.

Please consider answering the following questions that are designed to help the RRVWP leadership team plan future RRVWP activities. Send the responses to the questions to the following email address: redrivervalleywritingproject[at]gmail[dot] (To avoid spammers, the email address is not written out)

What do you think most needs to happen to improve K-12 writing instruction, and why?

How might RRVWP help teachers implement the Common Core Standards?

If you are a RRVWP teacher consultant, what would say is the most valuable part of RRVWP? Please explain.

The blog post will remain the post for the next two days so that you have time to look at the questions and respond. DO NOT respond in the comment section of the blog post. Send your responses to the email address above.