Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More from the Northwoods

For those of you playing along at home, you know that two of your RRVWP leadership team are at the Minnesota Northwoods Summer Writers Conference in Bemidji. Yep....Nancy Devine and Pam Fisher are rocking it in lakes country.

Yesterday....what happened yesterday?

A morning of workshops and then the afternoon arrived. We went on the road to look at the lake and found ourselves at Bemidji State Park. We didn't stay. We did have to return because Pam left her orange purse in the bathroom. (She's given this blogger permission to post this information) Twice the drive up to the main building there is lovely....sunlight sneaking in between the Norways and scrub oak.

We ended up eating at Luekens grocery store. If ever there were a happy place Luekens would be it. The flooring is laid on the diagonal so it seems to reach beyond the confines of the store. And oh...the deli. We ate there in the peaceful semi-dark.

But let's get to it...the evening reading with Joni Tevis. WOW! It defies language. Tevis read an essay that appears in her book "Spontaneous Magic," which comes out next year. The essay she read last night will be in the November/December issue of "Orion" magazine. Go find yourself some Joni Tevis online to read. And do get yourself the November/December issue of "Orion."