Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Resources to explore at NWP website

Encourage Writing

Welcome parents, educators, and writers of all ages!

Learning to write well is one of the most challenging tasks for anyone, regardless of age. It takes time, practice, and lots of encouragement. Parents and teachers can help children develop their skills and, equally important, a love for words and writing.
Located in universities across the country, National Writing Project (NWP) sites work with teachers to improve writing instruction in America's schools. Many NWP sites offer special writing programs for children. Typically, these programs combine motivational and skill-building activities, peer group interaction, and publishing opportunities. (from NWP website)

The National Writing Project is full of resources to explore. Among those resources is a section titled, "Encourage Writing," from which the above is excerpted. To learn more, click the above hyperlinked text or click here.

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