Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Monday announcements

This week Kelly Sassi is meeting with Dean Sandstrom at NDSU to report on the past year's activities and ask for continuing support of the RRVWP.

The RRVWP is hiring an assistant. This is a 10 hours per week position on the NDSU campus. Hours are flexible. Here is a link to the job description: https://www.ndsu.edu/english/. Scroll down until you see it.Thanks to the leadership team, especially Pam Fisher, for their work on it.

Celena Todora and Erika Dyk have been working on a weekly plan for the RRVWP Blog. Here is the description of what you can expect to find each week:

Monday: Monday Announcements
We will be posting RRVWP announcements each Monday, so keep an eye out for upcoming events or calls for action. If you have any RRVWP-related announcements that you would like to see put out, please e-mail Kelly.Sassi@ndsu.edu.

Tuesday: Feature Teacher
Tuesdays will feature a teacher in the RRVWP through a short profile. Interested in becoming a featured teacher on the blog? Please e-mail Celena.Todora@ndsu.edu and she will e-mail you a few short questions to respond to!

Wednesday: Wednesday Wisdom
Wednesdays will provide wisdom to deepen your knowledge of various topics in education. Have any interesting education-related articles, posts, videos, or other content that will inspire other teachers? Please send them to Erika.Dyk@ndsu.edu.

Thursday: AuTHor THursdays
On Thursdays we will be featuring books and authors that you might want to check out! Are there any authors or books that you would like featured on the blog for other teachers can find out about? Let Erika Dyk know at Erika.Dyk@ndsu.edu.

Friday: Rejuvenation Fridays
Rejuvenation Fridays will share content that will help you feel rejuvenated after a long week. If you come across any articles, videos, ideas, or other content that may rejuvenate other teachers, be sure to forward them to Kelly.Sassi@ndsu.edu.


Have you published something between Sept. 1, 2014 and August 31, 2015? Please let Kelly know, so we can include your publication as part of our annual report. Thank you!