Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday Feature: Meet our New RRVWP Assistant, Maggie Wheeler!

This week's Tuesday Feature is a little unique, as we are not featuring a teacher but instead our new RRVWP Assistant, Maggie Wheeler! Maggie graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Communication Studies. With the writing project, she will be managing the budget, developing our social media, and assisting with RRVWP events. We are excited to have her, and I hope this post will help you get to know her a bit more, too!

As I always do with Featured Teachers, I asked Maggie what she likes to write and why. She told me that she journals almost every day to help her clear her head. She carries a moleskin notebook wherever she goes so she can stop to jot a quick list or reflect on something at any point in the day.

In addition to journaling, Maggie also channels her creativity into makeup. She sees makeup as more of an art form than cosmetics, as she likes to spend quite a bit of time applying it. She said that she would rather not wear makeup at all than to apply it too quickly. Her interest in makeup also spans to watching online makeup tutorials and researching products. She even used to write makeup reviews on her blog, but she hasn't had the time to update it for a while. However, she hopes to someday continue to do this.

Another creative hobby that Maggie enjoys is photography. She particularly likes illustrate the unexpected beauty in everyday household items. She exhibits these items through close-ups of a small portion of them, such as the handle of a coffee cup or a grain of wood in a table. She told me that doing this allows people to look at something that seems uninteresting from a different perspective.

Clearly each of Maggie's hobbies reveal her creativity, which will likely shine through her work for the RRVWP. We are definitely excited to have her on board!