Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday Teacher Feature - Marci Glessner

Marci Glessner, who is currently teaching graduate and undergraduate students at MSUM, completed RRVWP's Summer Institute in Grand Forks in 2001 and formerly worked as our Outreach Coordinator.

What are you currently reading?
A professional book I'm in the midst of is "The Reading Strategies Book" by Jennifer Serravallo.  I'm planning on
using it in one of my graduate classes next semester and am finding it wonderfully practical.  It reminds me a bit of Fletcher and Portalupi's books "Craft Lessons" that helped me find my way as a writing teacher - except that this one is geared for reading.

Our kids gave me the hardcover set of "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "Go Set a Watchman" for my birthday.  I do believe they had ulterior motives with that gift as two of the three of them want to read Harper Lee's second book.  My hope is for some family reading time over winter break - with each of us taking turns reading aloud.  

Why do you read?
I read for pleasure and knowledge and understanding.  It seems as I've gotten older I need to be much more purposeful in finding time to read for pleasure - perhaps that can be one of my New Year's Resolutions.  I appreciate book clubs and was so fortunate to have been in several offered by the RRVWP in Grand Forks.  Since we moved to Fargo, I've missed the social nature of coming together and discussing a book - hearing from all perspectives and helping shape my own understanding.  Perhaps it's time for me to join the Young Adult Book Club!

How do you encourage your students to read?
I'm teaching undergraduate and graduate students at MSUM and reading is a natural part of our professional lives - as students and as future teachers.  I find it so important to have books that are meaningful to us and keep us interested and motivated.  There can be such dry textbooks out there - yet, with a little searching we can find books that help get us excited and stay excited about teaching.  I really think that is key to encouraging our college students to read - finding books they want to read.

Who currently inspires you?
I am most inspired by our three kids - not for any specific accomplishments or major goals met, but for who they are becoming in the world.  Articulate, deep-voiced, creative, long-legged (OK, one short-legged) knowledgeable and thoughtful teenagers - who knew they'd be so great?!  One of my favorite times of the day "with them" is actually nighttime.  For some reason the three kids gather around the kitchen island soon after Dave and I head to bed.  We can hear them there - sharing news, opinions, jokes and even sometimes singing songs from Les Mis or Hamilton.  I feel like a spy or snoop, but I really do love it.

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