Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Rejuvenation: A Valentine's Day Box

"A Courageous Box"

A set aside Tide box,
A shoebox,
An oatmeal canister

Ordinary to the untrained eye
But through the eyes of a school Valentine's Day expert,
Anything but ordinary.

Freezer paper
Construction paper
Paper bags
Glue sticks
Construction paper cut-outs
More glitter

And the ordinary is transformed into extraordinary
A box, a Valentine's Day box, ready to receive the paper manifestations of love.

And so that box,
That box that thought its job was done when the detergent was gone or the perhaps the shoes,
Was really just preparing for what it was supposed to be.
And even though things were modified, trimmed, removed, added,
Hurting in the process,
This stretching and growing and becoming something new
Was all for the purpose of sharing love

All it took was for somebody to recognize
That there was more to this emptied and set aside box than first meets the eye
And follow through with the right time, resources, and skills

To prepare it for what it was meant to do: love.