Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wednesday Wisdom: Blog as a Classroom Resource

Greetings Reader on the Other Side of the Screen,

Perhaps you are a first time reader of this blog. Perhaps you are an occasional reader. Perhaps you are a daily reader. Whatever your readership status is, today I invite you to explore the RRVWP blog as a resource for your classroom. 

AuTHor Thursday: Many Thursdays, a local author is featured. These authors share insights into their writing process and world.  Here are a few authors who have been featured:

Denise Lajimodiere
Jill Kandel
Heidi Czerwiec
Ryan Christiansen

Consider sharing these posts with your student writers to help not only inspire them to write and to gain insights into the writing world, but also to show them the local writing community that they could be a part of some day.

My favorite advice from an AuThor Thursday came from Ryan Christiansen who said,

When telling a story, use the very best nouns and verbs in the active voice while suppressing adjectives and eliminating adverbs to tell how a character’s desire overcomes conflict to attain a goal. If you can do that while actually writing instead of talking about writing, you'll do well.
When AuTHor Thursday isn't featuring a local author, advice/resources/opportunities for you (or your students) to be an author are featured. These might be applicable to your classroom as well.

Weekend Writing:  Every Saturday, the blog features a weekend writing prompt. Consider starting off your Monday by using the writing prompt from the weekend in your classroom.

If you are new to the blog, a convenient way to find the AuTHor Thursdays and Weekend Writings is to use the "Search This Blog" feature on the right hand side. Simply type in "Author Thursdays" or "Weekend Writings" to find those weekly features.

Do you have any other ideas about how to incorporate the blog into your classroom? Feel free to share an idea in the comments or email us at!

Happy teaching and learning on this Wednesday!

With much admiration for your teaching wisdom,