Thursday, March 31, 2016

AuTHor Thursday: Northern Eclecta and UND Writers Conference

Greetings Reader on the Other Side of the Screen,

Today, I write to tell you of two author-y things.

1. Northern Eclecta has just extended their deadline to April 11!

Now, you might have two questions: 
1. What is Northern Eclecta?
2. Why is Northern Eclecta important? 

Great questions you might be having.

First, Northern Eclecta has explained what it is wonderfully on its website, so I will save you the time in having to click on a link (but if you want to click on a link, here it is: link to Northern Eclecta's website

Second, if you are a graduate of NDSU, this is an opportunity for you to be published. But equally importantly, this is a great opportunity for your students (7-12) to bravely send their work off into the world! Check out their website for more submission specifics. 

2. UND Writers Conference is looming on the horizon!

While we have already featured the UND Writers Conference on this blog, we wanted to feature it again because it is not every day that so many writers gather together. If you haven't already checked out this year's featured authors, I invite you to head over to the UND Writers Conference website and check them out!  Hopefully you have some time April 6-8 to head over to UND and participate in this wonderful writing opportunity.

I hope your writing--whether in the classroom or beyond--is going splendidly well.

Remember, to write with a broken pencil is pointless, so make sure to always keep a pencil sharpener on hand!

Happy writing!

Erika, the Writer on This Side of the Screen