Sunday, March 6, 2016

Monday Announcements

With the warm weather this weekend, there was a lot of activity outdoors, and there has been a lot of activity in the Red River Valley Writing Project as well. We found out that we did not get the LRNG grant nor the Building New Pathways to Leadership Grant. Thank you to Marci Glessner, Kelly Sassi, and Tony Albright for working on these. There were only 10 such grants given and around 150 applications for each one. The work is not in vain, as we now have great plans for future family literacy programs and outreach activities for teachers of veterans.

The weekend writing retreat was last weekend, and this weekend the Grand Forks Book Club met, as did the Scholastic team.
Marci Glessner, Olivia Edwardson, Maggie Wheeler, and Netha Cloeter work on the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Ceremony
Saturday, March 12th 
We are gearing up for the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards on Saturday, March 12th from 5:30-8pm. The student artwork will be on display in the Creativity Gallery and four binders of student writing are available to read as well.  We are expecting a crowd of about 200 students, educators, judges, and parents. It should be a festive event, with refreshments donated by Cashwise and Family Fare.

We need the following volunteers yet: 1 person to help Kelly and Olivia with greeting and checking in guests, 2 to help Marci with the refreshments, 2 to help the Plains Art Staff direct people to the creativity gallery, 2 to help Olivia and Catie prep students to go on stage, and one person to help Karen Taylor with photos and video. We could also use extra hands at the end of the ceremony to pack up the art exhibit and help the staff prepare for the Youth Art Event the following day. Our partner, the Plains Art Museum, does a tremendous amount of work in hosting the event, and we need writing project teachers to help staff the event. If you can help, that would be terrific! Please contact Kelly Sassi at if you can help. It is a fun evening!

Here are events coming up this month:

Sunday, March 13th
Leadership meeting 1-2:30pm at NDSU English Department

March 16-19th
NWP Spring Meeting, Washington, DC 

Friday, March 18th
YAL Book Group Moorhead, 4:30pm, Contact Dan Dooher.

Saturday, March 19th 
RRVWP Fargo-Moorhead Writing Group, 4:30pm, Contact Kim Rensch

Monday, March 28th
Grand Forks Book Club, 5:30pm, Contact Pam Fisher.