Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wednesday Wisdom from the Writing Retreat

Writers of the Red River Valley Writing Project gathered at Maplelag Resort last weekend to learn, talk, and write under the umbrella theme of dialogue.

Angela Hase led the writers on a quest to write effective dialogue.

As a participant, I, Erika Dyk, was challenged in my dialogue practices. I didn't realize how important dialogue was before focusing this time on its study and practice. The time spent studying the craft, writing, and workshopping was extremely valuable.

While I took away several writing premises to help me write better dialogue, for me the overarching premise that encapsulated the whole weekend was to have fun. Sometimes I can take my writing--and myself--too seriously and this weekend I gave myself (as I actually wrote in my notebook before writing) "permission to be creative." And I remembered that--for me--fun is a large part of that creativity.

So, that's my shared "wisdom" from the writing retreat. If you get a chance to go next year, I encourage you to go. The time shared with fellow writers and teachers will be one of rejuvenation and growth--and hopefully some fun!