Thursday, April 7, 2016

AuTHor Thursday: Writing Group, Northern Eclecta and UND Writers Conference

Greetings Reader on the Other Side of the Screen,

Today, I write to tell you of three author-y things, two reminders and one new!

1.  New: The Fargo-Moorhead RRVWP Writing Group will meet this Saturday morning.

Under Kim Rensch's fearless guidance, the Fargo-Moorhead writers will gather to write at 9 am on April 9th at Dunn Brothers Coffee on the corner of 13th Ave. S and 25th St. S. Hope to see some of you there! 

2. Reminder: Northern Eclecta has just extended their deadline to April 11!

This is an opportunity for both 7-12 students and for current and former NDSU students to submit their work. Here is a link to Northern Eclecta's website

3. UND Writers Conference is here! 

If you're around, you can do more than simply check out the UND Writers Conference website, but you can also visit the UND Writers Conference! Many excellent writingly conversations are sure to be had! 

May your writing be rich and full and luminous. 

And remember, the difference between a cat and a comma is that one is a pause at the end of a clause and the other has claws at the end of its paws. 

Happy writing!

Erika, the Writer on This Side of the Screen