Friday, June 1, 2018

Scholastic Spotlight: Gen Martinez


Gold Key

 Author: Gen Martinez
12th Grade
Educator: Richard Norton

I am a frequent pilgrim to the realms of truth.
Each journey is a quest for deeper understanding.
Thirst and hunger find repast in the pursuing
Ports of intrigue inviting and demanding.

Faith is a passport with no date of expiration.
Wisdom is a fountain that overflows with more.
The universe forever sharing its abundance.
Offers new horizons to discover and explore.

Adventure is a birthright of existence.
Choices mold the footprints that we leave.
The knowledge that we plant to harvest wisdom
Is measured in the yield that we receive.

Storms that leave us stranded in the darkness
Are only flashes in the vaster sea of hope.
The Pilot guides through doubt, despair and drowning
To put purpose and perfection in a broader scope.

Our feet grow weary when we wander without wonder.
Dreams of wake or sleep cannot manifest in fear.
Prayers are born and cherished in our asking.
Dawn is our symbol that the coast beyond is clear.

“Sail On”