Friday, August 31, 2018

Scholastic Spotlight: Payton Johnson

Rock Bottom

Honorable Mention

Author: Payton Johnson
12th Grade
Educator: Shawn Krinke
Northern Cass

I heard them laughing,
when I couldn't do my best.
They aimed their axe at my base,
so I took my final breath.

The base I built for years,
that held me up so high.
It faltered to the bottom.
Splinters and leaves colored the sky.

I hit the ground hard,
it was cold I do remember.
The others down here don't mind,
they told me it'd get better.

The sun isn't so warm here,
the flowers are dead.
I try not to think about what could've been,
but the mistakes echo in my head.

Tomorrow I'll replant my roots.
I tell myself I'll breathe again.
they say rock bottom has the best foundation
to build and grow within.

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