Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Poetry doesn't get any better than this

How A Poem Happens is a terrific blog that gives its readers a glimpse into how poems came into being. A poet and a poem are featured. The same set of questions about said poem is asked of each featured poet. Wow!! You get a nice view into the behind the scenes of poems.

Here's a teaser from Bob Hicok and his featured poem "The Active Reader."

Reading a used book on evolution I wonder
about fingerprints, how long they live.

Do read the rest of the poem and the interview; both are classic.

And definitely learn about Tony Hoagland's poem "Lucky."

If you are lucky in this life,
you will get to help your enemy
the way I got to help my mother
when she was weakened past the point of saying no.

If you're interested in Hoagland's work, check out his work featured at the American Academy of Poets. You can hear Hoagland read "Lucky." (You might want to not listen to this in public, lest you don't mind showing your tears)