Friday, April 28, 2017

Scholastic Spotlight: Anushka Sikdar

The Devil’s Advocate

Sikdar, Anushka

Grade:  8
School:  Cheney Middle School, West Fargo ND
Educator:  Missy Kremer
AWARD:  Honorable Mention, Poetry

Half alive
Half a soul
Half a monster
The other half - gold
She dreamed so deadly, the beasts would scare
Until she won them over with her glare
They started anew
They started alive
They fought the good until the last breath in her died
The beasts mourned
They avenged her death
And swore to her secrets that had to be kept
You see, they knew what the plain man wouldn’t
The girl of half gold was something entirely different
But alas, when you die you take your secrets to the grave
And to see what she saw?
My dear, come inside
To the place where happiness will wave you goodbye
Let me introduce you to:
The Devil who lived half alive