Sunday, April 19, 2020

Writing Prompt about the Pandemic

by Kel Sassi

I am really enjoying Writing out of the Week on Fridays. It gives me that sense of connection with other writing project teachers and helps me transition out of online mode to face-to-face mode with my family for the weekend. I hope you will join us this Friday at 5pm.

I really appreciate last Friday's prompt from Kim Rensch, so I wanted to share it with you all in case you have some time to write on the weekend:

To understate, this pandemic has caused quite a bit of disruption in our lives. In this time,
you have likely heard stories about some of the good that has come with a change in human
activity (e.g., the world is vibrating less, decreased pollution, more time with family, etc.).
In some ways, the disruption has given us the opportunity to see what was broken in our old
way of doing things. Think of the good that has come from this pandemic disruption, or of
something you now see that needs changing. What are the things worth fighting for as we
move forward? What should become a permanent part of our next normal?

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