Monday, May 4, 2020

Behind the scenes at the RRVWP: An interview with Assistant Corrine Redding

Corrine Redding at the ND State Ceremony of the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards at Plains Art Museum on March 7, 2020
by Spring 2020 NDSU Intern Noah Hansen

At the Red River Valley Writing Project, there are many students who do work behind the scenes, and this interview with Corrine Redding gives some insight into that work.

Me: What brought you to work in the RRVWP office at NDSU?
Corrine: I am currently an undergrad in the strategic communications major, with a minor in creative writing, and earning a certificate in publishing. So, I thought this would be a good fit working for an organization that emphasizes helping educators teach future writers and authors in various styles of writing.

Me: What do you do?
Corrine: As an assistant to the director of RRVWP I do a variety of things. From creating mailing labels, nametags for our events and programs to organizing our RRVWP library in our office that is open to the educators on campus to come and check out to help with their teaching. So it goes from anything pretty administrative to assisting with setting up, running and tearing down events the organization puts on.

Me: What do you enjoy about it?
Corrine: I enjoy being able to help teachers and educators provide their students with the best tools to encourage their writing and help them become the next generation of writers and authors.

Me: What skills have you picked up while working here?
Corrine: To do the certificates for the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, I relearned how to do calligraphy, which I hadn’t done since grade school. I learned how to connect my laptop to a printer on the school’s network so I can print out my things.

Me: How have you adapted to working from home?
Corrine: I’m trying my best. But now that classes are all online, it’s an adjustment and not super easy. I have way more work to do than I did before, and, unfortunately, a lot of my classes now have things due on the same days instead of it being staggered like it used to be.

Me: Any advice for a new intern?
Corrine: Make sure you communicate with everyone, and if you don’t have the information needed to ask for it. Especially when dealing with the Scholastic Awards. Making sure you have all the things you need and making sure everyone knows where you are on your projects or what information you need for them. Keeping that information organized will be super helpful. Also, sign up for a free Avery account so you can make labels and nametags perfectly the first time.

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