Thursday, March 10, 2016

AuTHor Thursday: To The Authors in Our Classrooms

To the Authors in Our Classrooms

by Erika Dyk

They sit there.
Pen in hand.
Paper on desk.
Ink and paper capturing the thoughts
Dancing through their brains.

Or perhaps their
Keyboard is their dance floor--
Fingers ready to waltz words across the screen.

Or perhaps they stand.
Sharing the words in their brains.
Verbally processing the world.
Talking thoughts about their next essay
Or story
Or poem
Or genre yet to be invented.

Or perhaps they are the silent ones.
Words in their brains
Turning over and over
Until they are ready for the page.

Whatever their process,
Whatever their method/madness

To the Authors in our classrooms,
Thank you for being brave.

For to share one's thoughts with the world,
To make one's brain visible to the outside world
Takes courage and daring.

Thank you for inspiring me--
For your words give me courage
Your words inspire me to challenge myself--
Not just in the realm of writing,
But in the realm of living.

To the Authors in our classrooms,
Thank you.


A Reminder: The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are on Saturday, March 12th from 5:30-8pm at the Plains Art Museum, honoring not just the authors in our classrooms but the artists as well.